All around Cesme Wind Power projects are being erected. This is causing significant damage to the ecological balance of nature and to the health of the people living in the area.

Journalist Serife Bekman visited the beautiful area and whoever she met were full of anger against the Wind energy projects. The first person to be interviewed was 75-year-old Aysel Cengiz born and raised in Cesme. She had tears in her eyes while she was explaining how much damage the wind turbines have done to their land and their health. In the valley, just next to the house where she and her sister live, 3 MW wind turbines have been erected. As a result all their fruit and olive trees have dried out.


She wanted to get her voice heard by the Government. “Dear Ministers in Ankara, please help and save us from this unbearable situation” she cried out. A neighbour, 68 year-old Mr. Yilmaz Ertekce, said that the wind turbines built next to his home have had a great impact on his life. “20 years ago I came to nature to escape the crowd and now I stand face to face with the problems of the wind turbines. Due to them I have become so ill and my health is in danger. But more important than my health is that the soil is damaged. Previously I have been able to live on the crop of my land, but now I have land that doesn’t give any crop,” he said.


After visiting the Cakabey neighbourhood Bekman continued to the next area, Germiyan which has been chosen as the first “Slow Food” village in Turkey. Unfortunately, the villagers have to struggle with a series of ecological damages. Bekman met with the villagers, The Vice President of the Chamber of Agriculture, Cesme, Mr. Suleyman Özer, the famous village painter Nuran, Dilek Ozer, Cengiz and Şefika Kaya.


After talking and listening to the reality of how much damage the wind turbines have caused in their village and surroundings, journalist Bekman called out to Ankara, “Wind turbines are causing climate change here; water shortage; the soil is drying out and Cesme is dying day by day. If no effective action is taken the area will be dead in the next five years. Some people living in the region say they even plan to migrate as a solution. The dirty game being played in Cesme has to be revealed and a stop put to these ridiculous wind turbines,” she said.


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