Picnic at Çeşme, Sunday 28th September

Picnic is what needs to be made on our lands, not wind turbines!

 Please share, even if you can’t make it…

The reaction of the people to the Wind Power turbines currently being constructed in Çeşme is growing day by day. The people of Çeşme are reaching out once again to the investment and construction companies who continue their works (illegally) on their private lands even in the presence of court orders for stay of execution, to the officials who don’t uphold land owners property and ownership rights, and the EPDK who refuses to cancel and void the permits granted to these companies even though they are required to by law. The people of Çeşme do not want projects without common sense and also against their rights. Çeşme Sustainable Life Platform carries on this idea to protect our habitat and future by raising awarenes and creating solidarity, this time with a free for all public picnic. People of Çeşme, municipality officials, NGOs, Council of City, political parties and local governance showed their support on this matter.

What you need to know:

  • On September 28th 2014, Sunday, at 1 pm we are going to meet in front of the Ilıca Station and head to the picnic area all together.
  • We will be making a great BBQ with delicious sucuk, fresh bread and ayran. Feel free to bring anything you would like to share.
  • Musicians and performers from The İzmir Federation of Musicians are to be there with their songs and music.