Housing, WPP, Majorly Wrong



“We have so many problems in the Çeşme Peninsula. Plans are being made and construction processes underway for Wind turbines in residential neighborhoods, four-storey TOKİ (Housing Development Administration of Turkey) buildings, a stone quarry in the drainage basin, fish farms located just offshore of our finest beaches. I acknowledge the housing demand; however, the buildings must be compatible with the regional architecture. I acknowledge the demand for clean energy. However it is detrimental to the public perception of the peninsula, also the location has been poorly planned as well as the location of the housing project. We are also against the stone quarry inside the only drainage basin in the local area. Quarrying is also required but all of the flawed plans laid out above share a common theme, they are not appropriate in the area they are planned for. And it is the local administration and the local people who should determine the ideal location for these” said Muhittin Dalgıç, the mayor of Çeşme, stating that the people of the Peninsula have taken issue with the fact that there has not been any consultation with either the local populace or local authorities with regard to the planning of these projects.

Muhittin Dalgıç, the mayor of Çeşme also said, “New legislation by the Ministry paved the way for the wind turbines to be implemented in any area. We are not against green energy, but there is no way the turbines should be installed within 500 – 600 metres from residential buildings. Nobody has issue with the wind turbines located in the east side of the county (nearby Karaköy). The main problem with wind turbine projects is the Ministry. If the Ministry did not issue a license to every investor, these kinds of problems would not occur. The rules should be established from the very beginning. We are facing these problems because the relevant authorities did not establish the rules” emphasizing the necessity for the long term planning with emphasis on the long term affects on the peninsula over a period of time between at least 30 – 50 “As residents of the Peninsula, we must put a stop to flawed practices. If we cannot make our voice heard in Ankara, our Peninsula will be lost. Local NGOs must convene and put a plan into action immediately” added Mr. Dalgıç.