Enough is enough, say Çeşme citizens

The People of Çeşme are saying:

Alternative Energy research continues all over the world with the aim of replacing petroleum based sources, in order to meet our societies continually growing energy consumption. The energy gap, which is a major world concern, is a result of our consumerist society and covetousness which fuels an insatiable energy need. While studies to find a permanent solution continue on one hand, on the other hand people are taking advantage of the need for a solution to the crisis, using government subsidies and failing to address the publics concerns for safety.

Every day, new research for alternative energy besides the traditional and well-known sources such as methane gas, natural gas, ethanol from corn, fracking of underground rocks, solar, wind and nuclear is being conducted. Only a small fraction of which meet the strict criteria of being; economically viable, renewable and sustainable and thus are not near being available for industrial use, There is world wide debate over the best alternative to our dwindling fossil fuel reserves and this debate to find a suitable alternative will continue. Today, the Çeşme Peninsula is under threat and being occupied by one of these proposed greener groups of energies, Wind Farms.



We Don’t Want:

In our territory we DO NOT WANT wind farms that have never been discussed with the local public through consultation from its inception in 2001. Wind farms that have no positive effect on the local economy and local energy need and in fact threatens the well being of all living creatures in the area including human beings and rare species of flora and fauna living in our environment by changing its ecological balance. These wind farms also make local sources of income from agriculture, stockbreeding and tourism almost impossible.

We’re right, we will resist, we shall win

Construction on our own land and private property invasions continue, where legally government had no right to give these lands to investment companies as the verdicts of ongoing court cases between the the government and land owners have not been delivered. The lands in question have been very hastily expropriated. In addition, these lands are under protection by many international environmental agreements where the Republic of Turkeys obligations to conserve nature forms a fundamental part of her law is a part of these agreements. Natural protected areas are specified and a protection law is enacted by Turkey in the frame of the Bern Convention, to secure wildlife and nature, which our Government has signed under the umbrella of the European Council on the 1st September 1984.

While decision are still being waited for in some of the countries courts, others have provided justice and ruled that these lands must not be entered or worked upon. Despite the stay of execution decisions of the court, these have been ignored and the investors continue about rush expropriation, excavation and construction activities and not to abide by the courts decisions.

We, the public of Çeşme Peninsula, Protest and say Stop! to all of these activities that make a mockery of our democratic rights as citizens and threaten our future.


As the public of Çeşme, we protest and say STOP to the neglecters of our democratic rights, living spaces, and our future.