Denmark halts wind power expansion


Fear of health: 

How dangerous is wind power for animals and humans?

This question is the construction of wind turbines in Denmark almost stopped as the “Welt am Sonntag” reported. Also in Germany is growing skepticism about wind power projects.
Denmark is a pioneer country in the modern wind power technology and is equipped with a share of over 39 per cent of the national energy mix, the world’s leading nation in this area. However, the development stagnates.

Animals had to be killed

The starting point for the rising skepticism about wind power was an incident that occurred at the end of 2013 a mink farm in Denmark Vildbjerg. Already in the first round of new wind turbines behind a farm, flipped the animals in their cages. When the plant was off the next morning, had each other so added more than 100 of them deep wounds that they had to be killed. 
State investigation will provide guidance on health consequences.
Could the infrasound from wind turbines do animals crazy? Is thus perhaps also the health of people at risk? The uncertainty in the environmentally conscious Denmark has grown ever since.

The health effects of infrasound will be investigated

Compared to “Die Welt” says Jan Hylleberg, chief executive of the Association of Danish wind industry that the majority of Danish municipalities have laid the plans for new wind farms on ice. They wanted to wait until after, will be completed by government studies on the health effects of infrasound. During 2013, any new wind turbines went with a total capacity of nearly 700 megawatts, this value last year was only 67 megawatts. Also in Germany is growing skepticism.

In Germany skepticism is growing rapidly

The new restraint in wind power development in Denmark transmits increasingly on Germany. According to the “world” is working now, more than 500 initiatives to wind power projects, a – and it’s not just that the wind turbines affect the landscape.

The critics often refer to studies to prove that the vibrations caused by wind turbines air health have resulted. Who is constantly exposed to infrasound, therefore, may have to contend with, inter alia, sleep disorders, headaches, concentration difficulties, tinnitus, nausea, impaired heart rate and anxiety.

Source: Die Welt Article