About Us


We are a group of locals, passionate about our beautiful peninsula of Çeşme, and it’s future.  We love Çeşme, we are Çeşme, and we feel like we fully embrace and represent the whole of our populace in our struggle to protect our unique natural habitat, our cultural values and heritage, and the abundant economic wealth of our region. Our natural habitat is too important to just abandon to political powers, or municipal authorities.

We are not affiliated with any political party, or any industry.  We are however always reaching out to and collaborating with other organizations like us who represent individuals who have been adversely affected by large scale developments, such as Wind Farm or Hydroelectric investments.  In our first campaigns, we stand together against the onslaught of ill prepared Wind Energy projects in Çeşme that are being illegally forced and built on our private lands, as well as public lands.

As a free forum, our platform strives to inform and raise awareness amongst our populace to drive participation, exercise free speech and to provide opinion on matters that affect us all.

Some points we particularly care about:

  1. The preservation of Çeşme’s unmatched natural habitat for generations to come
  2. Developments that embrace traditional culture and life with modern, sustainable alternatives (for example in: housing, historical sites, waste management and recycling, stray/street animals, energy, transport and roads)
  3. Sustainable tourism projects that are respectful of our natural habitat and our cultural values
  4. Construction licenses of any kind to be well away from natural reserves, plantation fields, shorelines and beaches.
  5. The preservation of marine and land ecology along our unique shoreline, the protection of all natural animal life in our region
  6. The protection of traditional foods and tastes from our region, the cultivation and protection of seeds of locally grown produce, incentives for local growers to adopt local crops and raise their standards of living.

If you’d like to join us in our quest to keep Çeşme as beautiful as ever, for ever, then don’t delay, just Contact Us.