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The sad truth about wind power in Cesme


The People of Cesme have just exercised their legal rights. Since the beginning of this year, the landowners of Cesme are using their legal rights to protect their land, in order to stop the industrial wind energy projects that have been planned over the years without any public consultation. The planned area is under 1st […]

Germany, You Should Be Proud!


Bravo ABK Çeşme RES AŞ! Bravo Nordex! Despite 14 years of planning – secretly without any consultation with local people or NGOs – someone forgot to include an official access road in the plans for their 80 million TL wind power project in the Aegean tourist resort of Çeşme. Hard to believe, but true. Now […]

Being neighbours with a Nordex WPP


Testimony of John Roworth – April 2009 When the three turbine Blaen Bowi wind farm was erected in 2002, turbine three was just 350 metres from one side of our land and just 750 metres from the house, little did we know that wind turbine generators could be so noisy but then, we had no […]